Random Cam Story:

The following is part truth and part fantasy. About 20 years ago I was dating a single mother of two. A very volatile character, who at times could be the sweetest woman alive, and at other times a complete bitch. When it came to sex she was a total vamp. She loved everything except pain. Despite having two kids, she was determined to have a social life, and would regularly engage the services of some teenage girls, to mind the kids while she went out drinking.

It was quite near Christmas and I was going through one of my many phases of living with her. I had been to a works night out and decided to go home early and surprise her. However I wasn't shocked or surprised to find her out on the lash. When I entered the living room there was a group of six teenagers( boys and girls) sitting on the floor in a circle in various states of undress. None of them naked but they all had some clothes missing. I guessed right away the were playing some truth or dare game. They were very shocked to see me. I asked who had been left in charge and a chubby teen with big tits sitting in her bra said it was her. I told them all to get dressed and make themselves scarce before Janey got back. I told Laura Ann the sitter to stay on as I was a bit drunk and going to bed and Janey would be expecting her to be there when she got back.

I headed off to bed and while lying there trying to sleep I couldn't take my mind off what I had just witnessed. Especially Laura Ann's big titties. I decided to call her through to the bedroom. I was going to give her a telling off for having so many pals in the house. When she entered the room I started to get a hard on. I asked her if any of them were intending to have sex. She looked at me sheepishly and I said that if they were, they should be doing it in private and not in front of your mates as part of a dare. I asked her if she had ever done it and she said yes twice. I said I hope you used condoms. The last thing you want is a baby at your age. By the way . What age are you? Eighteen she said. I pretended to be shocked.
My dick was as hard as iron under the covers and I got really bold and asked her if she'd enjoyed the sex. She shrugged her shoulders and said it was ok. It hurt a bit. I asked was it because the boy was too big. She just looked at me and said, I've only seen two dicks and they both looked the same to me. Full of bravado now I seized the opportunity and pulled back the covers exposing my hard cock. Were they as big as this? (I can manage 7 inches on a good day with a long foreskin).
She sat on the bed staring at it not saying a word. Would you like to touch it? Go on you know you do. She moved forward and wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock. I let out a little groan. My head was spinning. I had a teen with her hand round my dick. I moved my hands towards her tits and started rubbing them. She didn't object so I lifted her top up to get a better look and feel of her big titties. She was now getting a bit of a rhythm going on my dick which felt nice. I pulled her bra up from the bottom and her big jugs fell out and swung free. Oh man they were even bigger than I first imagined. I unclipped her bra and took a look at the label. 40c and eighteen years old. Fucking delicious. I couldn't stop fondling these glorious orbs. Have you ever sucked a guy I said. Not sure what to do she said. Ok, pull my foreskin right back to expose the head, now put your mouth over it and start moving your head up and down. That's it now pump my foreskin at the same time. Yeah that's it. Good girl. She kept this up for a time then she said her mouth was getting sore. Aren't you going to fuck me? Oh you bet I am especially now you've told me you want it.
I stood her up pulled down her tights and knickers exposing her little tuft of hair. I ran my fingers through it, found her pussy hole and dipped my finger inside. She let out a moan when I touched her. She was quite wet but I wanted to make sure she was ready for me. I got her to kneel on the bed and got down on my knees behind her. I parted her pussy lips and stuck my tongue inside her. I licked her for a few minutes as she moaned and sometimes screamed. Then I remembered the kids were asleep in their rooms. I certainly didn't want any of them walking in on this scene.
So I stood up and got behind her. The bed was perfect height for fucking. (one of the reasons me and Janey had chosen it). With her skirt bunched round her waist, her tights and knickers hanging off one leg, she looked like a proper little whore.I grabbed her ass cheeks and parted them wide and began nudging my dick into her greasy teen fuck hole. Nice and slow to begin. Fuck she was tight. She was yelping with every thrust. I told her to grab a pillow and and bury her face into it. I was now getting a good stroke going and looking in the well placed mirror, I could watch her big tits swinging as I thrust into her again and again.
After about ten minutes of fucking her I decided it was time to cum. (After all time was getting on and Janey could come home at any time). I grabbed her hips tight and gave a few hard thrusts then pulled out and shot my load all over her ass. She collapsed onto the bed with me next to her. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. How was that I asked. Mind blowing, I didn't want it to end she said. Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we can have a repeat someday. I'd like that she said. But remember we have to be discreet. I'm eighteen but still at school and I'm still classed as a minor. Oh shit what have I done I thought. As it happened we never got to repeat it. Shortly afterwards me and Janey parted for the last time.

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